conspicuous leisure

Dictionary of sociology. 2013.

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  • Conspicuous leisure — Idleness, by John William Godward, ca 1900 Conspicuous leisure is a term introduced by the American economist Thorstein Veblen, in The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899). The term denotes visible leisure for the sake of displaying social status.… …   Wikipedia

  • Conspicuous consumption — Jewellery and other luxury goods are used for conspicuous and/or invidious consumption Conspicuous consumption is spending on goods and services acquired mainly for the purpose of displaying income or wealth. In the mind of a conspicuous consumer …   Wikipedia

  • leisure class — A term coined by Thorstein Veblen . In his book The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899), Veblen postulates the growth of a conspicuously consuming, parasitic, leisure class in the United States, represented by an idle business élite. This élite is …   Dictionary of sociology

  • conspicuous consumption — ☆ conspicuous consumption n. [coined by VEBLEN Thorstein (Bunde) in The Theory of the Leisure Class] showy extravagance in buying or using goods or services, meant to impress others with one s wealth, status, etc …   English World dictionary

  • conspicuous austerity — ( AWS.tair.uh.tee) n. 1. Spending large quantities of money on goods and services that convey an image of simplicity or austerity. 2. A lifestyle in which a person openly and deliberately uses goods and services that convey a… …   New words

  • Conspicuous consumption — Geltungskonsum ist eine 1899 von Thorstein Veblen eingebrachte und auf seine „Theorie der feinen Leute“ (The Theory Of The Leisure Class) zurückgehende soziologische Bezeichnung für auffälliges, auf öffentliche Wirksamkeit zielendes,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • conspicuous consumption — noun buying expensive services and products in order to flaunt your wealth • Hypernyms: ↑consumption, ↑economic consumption, ↑usance, ↑use, ↑use of goods and services * * * noun : lavish or wasteful spending regarded as establishing or enhancing… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Conspicuous Consumption — The purchase of goods or services for the specific purpose of displaying one s wealth. Conspicuous consumption is a means to show ones social status, especially when the goods and services publicly displayed are too expensive for other members of …   Investment dictionary

  • leisure, conspicuous — See leisure class …   Dictionary of sociology

  • conspicuous consumption — public enjoyment of possessions that are known to be costly so that one s ability to pay for such things is flaunted. [used by Thorstein Veblen in The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899)] * * * …   Universalium

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